IronMan 2, Cosbabies set of 7+1

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Hot Toys – COSB86-93 - Iron Man 2: 3 Inches Mini Cosbaby Series

Hot Toys is proud to present the 3 inches mini Cosbaby series from the Iron Man 2 movie. Each cosbaby stands approximately 3 inches / 7 cm tall, featuring your favorite Iron Man 2 movie characters in baby forms and their unique designs in special format.
Designs inclusive: 7 designs + 1 secret version
- Iron Man (Mark IV version)
- Iron Man (Mark VI version)
- Tony Stark (Mark IV version)
- War Machine
- Whiplash
- Black Widow
- Nick Fury
+ 1 secret version
Special features:
**Snap kits with joint articulations
**Amazing detailed accessories
Note: simple assembly is required


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