G.I. Joe Recon at Waypoint 12 with Timber

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Recon at Waypoint 12 with Timber MISB
12-Inch Figure Environment

    US Box Case Fresh!
    Manufactured by Sideshow Collectibles
    Limited to 750 Worldwide!
    First Figure Environment in the New 12-Inch (30 cm) G.I.Joe Line from Sideshow Collectibles!
    Very high detail and quality!

Launching the G. I. Joe 12-inch Figure Environment series is Recon at Waypoint 12 with Timber. This snowy rubble environment provides a detailed backdrop for 12-inch figure display. Each piece is cast in heavyweight polystone, then hand painted and hand-finished to Sideshow's exacting standards. Timber features a snow-patch display stand designed to lend him a little extra support, and each set is complete with a COBRA case accessory. The Recon at Waypoint 12 with Timber 12-inch Figure Environment is the perfect complement to your G.I. Joe collection.

They travel to the furthest reaches of the world to defend against terror. From Washington DC to the deserts of Egypt to the Himalayan Mountains, G.I. JOE is there to intercept the subversive acts of COBRA. This time, their mission is to provide reconnaissance on a suspected COBRA -M.A.R.S. weapons handoff. Snake Eyes and his four-legged companion, Timber, arrive at Waypoint 12, expecting to rendezvous with Duke and together scout the area. Instead they find an ominous clue, a single case marked with the Cobra symbol, evidence of the presence of the terrorist group, and Duke is MIA.

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