Why Pre-Order Now? ("Coming Soon" Is Good For You!)
We absolutely encourage the process of pre-ordering "Coming Soon" items because it hedges your bet; you have a better chance of actually getting an item if you pre-order it now. (First come, first served - some exceptions apply.)

What is the requirement for Pre-Order?
Need to put down 40% down payment for your pre-order and pre- order price is net price  (in IDR) with no more additional charges. In case there is a cut off from distributor, the down payment will be refunded. Cancellation from buyer will mean no refund.

If you ordered an item when it was first posted on our website, you pay at an early bird price. If you order later, the Retail Price will be higher than the Pre-Order price. And if you order after the deadline date stated, Retail Price will be applicable and items are subject to its availibility.

Do I need an "Account" to order?
Yes, you do need to have an account to order. You need to fill up a form which will served as an ID when you shop at Juraganmainan.com

Will I receive an e-mail confirmation of my order?
Yes, you will receive an Order Confirmation e-mail from the administrator. You will also get Order Status and Shipping Confirmation e-mails. Furthermore, if you have items on backorder for more than 30 days, you will receive monthly Order Status e-mails.

What if an item, description, price, or other content on the website is inaccurate?
We attempt to be as accurate as possible. However, we do not warrant that product descriptions, prices, photographs, or other content of this site is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error free. We are not responsible for typographical errors, manufacturer delays in delivery, or changes to products. But, we will refund or exchange you good if we mislead buyer in a way that item sold is not accurate or expected (in 14 days).

Am I guaranteed to get an item in the promised shipping period or availability date?
No. Juraganmainan.com does not manufacture products. We rely on other companies to supply our merchandise. Because of this, Juraganmainan.com is not responsible for manufacturer delays in delivery, manufacturer shortages in delivery, manufacturer non-delivery of product, manufacturer changes, manufacturer modifications, or manufacturer cancellations. Because of this, we have no way to advise our customers of these situations and therefore, we cannot implement any type of product ship date or availability guarantee to our customers.

Any freight charges applicable to my ordered?
There will be a minimum order of Rp. 500.000 in order to get free delivery in Jakarta area. Charges will be applied to areas outside of Jakarta which will be calculated and advised to the buyer.

How can I add / remove / modify / or change items in my order?
You may add in-stock items to an order at any time up until when the payment was being transferred and the order begins processing for delivery. Pre-order and backorder items may be added to an order only within the first 24 hours after the order is placed, and provided that the order has not been charged and begun processing. Contact Client Services to make these changes. Please include your Order Number and the item(s) you wish to change in your e-mail.

How can I cancel my order?
You may cancel an entire order or any individual items in an order at any time up until when you transferred your payment. Contact Client Services to make these changes, and please include your Order Number and the item(s) you wish to cancel in your e-mail.

Is the price stated negotiable?
No, price stated is net price and in Indonesian Rupiahs.

Can I pay for an item in installments?
We do not offer installment payments at this time.

In the past, you've had a lot of items that sold out and then came back. There's an item I'm looking for and was wondering when it might come back in stock?
Unless a vendor tells us, it is difficult to predict what will show up or re-issued. Although we do have a very close relationship with all of our vendors, it is often impossible to determine exactly when products will arrive and if more are going to be available down the road. Additionally, an item may be a "one shot" item that once it sells out, no more units will be available. Either way, we keep this website up to date when it comes to new toy offers. Check back regularly for product news, or sign up for an e-mail reminder for us to send you an e-mail as soon as it comes back in stock. Then, if a previously unavailable or hard-to-find item is made available to us, you'll be among the first to know!

What figures have I missed? What will be coming out?
Between all of the variations and packaging changes, there have been hundreds-- if not thousands-- of action figures released worldwide. To find older figures, just type the character name you are looking for in our Product Search box. If you are looking for a new character coming out, take a look at our list of products Coming Soon.

Am I going to get all of the figures listed in a specific assortment?
If that assortment is in stock, the listed figures will be sent to you. If it is not in stock, we cannot guarantee that exact assortment. Manufacturers have the right to change an assortment at any time and often will, depending on what the market demands.

When, exactly, will the new figures be in stock?
We don't know exactly when new figures will be in stock. Most manufacturers do not release specific ship-date information in advance. We do get generalized shipping periods, like "August" or "December." Hasbro has given specific release dates for the initial launch of some items, like Sneak Preview and the main line toys for the Prequel Trilogy of the Star Wars films. They may continue a similar program if it makes sense to do so. Check the item in question for current availability and stock information.

I have seen the (new figure, new toys, etc.) at my local store. Why don't you have them yet?
Stores like Wal-Mart purchase product directly from companies in such large quantities that they tend to get products a bit earlier than most stores. But we endeavour to provide the new items as soon as possible.

Do you send out factory-sealed cases of action figures?
Yes and no. Cases of action figures come directly from the manufacturer. Our warehouse staff may open each case to inspect the figures for damage. But we will try to have them in sealed condition.

There's a toy I want to buy but you guys don't have it listed on your website. Can you get it for me?
If there's no sign of an item you want on our website, let us know! E-mail us at ranchu.calico@gmail.com and give us a clear description of what you want, who produced it, and as much information as possible. We'll do our best to see if we can stock it in the future.

In the interest of providing kids, collectors, and toy fans of all ages the widest selection of goods, the sales windows for these items tend to be short, and many items are gone forever once they sell out (or in some cases, pre-sell out). As such, you may wish to take advantage of our e-mail reminders to keep you informed as new items become available, or if old items see production again. It's uncommon, but it does happen!

What kind of condition can I expect my figures to be in when I get them?
There is MISB or Mint In Sealed Box, brand new, never open or used. MIB or Mint In Box which means it's been open for inspection only, never taken out from the box, still new. BIB or Back In Box, used item which sometimes have missing parts or broken parts or discolored parts. And because of that, the value of the figure depends on the condition.

Juraganmainan.com only sell goods in MISB condition or MIB only. We don't sell in BIB condition as we are not a second hand seller. So buyer will get their goods in brand new condition.

1:6 scale: 12-inches tall (the size of a large G.I. Joe and the scale of most Gentle Giant mini busts, which are about 6-inches tall)
1:12 scale: 6-inches tall
1:18 scale: 4-inches tall (roughly the size of Hasbro Star Wars action figures)
1:64 scale: 1 1/8-inches tall (sized to be in proportion to Hot Wheels cars)

Will I receive an e-mail confirmation of my shipment?
Yes. Notification of your shipment(s) and any available tracking numbers will be e-mailed to you as soon as items complete the picking, packing, and shipping process. Juraganmainan.com only uses JNE for shipment.

When will my order arrive?
We want to ship your in-stock products as quickly as possible. Items in stock will begin the picking, packing, and shipping process as soon as your payment went through.

When will my merchandise ship if I place an order with backordered items?
Arrival times vary for all backordered or "Coming Soon" items. You just need to put down some deposit for your backordered or "Coming Soon" items. You will be notified when they arrived and after you settle the payment, it will be sent as soon as possible.

When will my merchandise ship if I place an order with both in-stock and backordered items?
Items in stock will begin the picking, packing, and shipping process as soon as your payment went through. Items on backorder will ship as soon as possible when those items arrive at our warehouse.

Can you double-box / double-pack my order?
No. Collectible items will be packed well and boxed appropriately. Remember, we offer a Mint Condition Guarantee (unless otherwise stated on the item).